Business & Industry

Business-industry800x600Most Business and Industrial settings are in a line of commerce other than foodservice—but they still have a workforce that depends upon on-site cafeterias and restaurants to keep them well-fed and working at peak performance. Your busy kitchen needs to meet this essential need quickly and efficiently. Stero dishwashers are the perfect partner for your foodservice facility, including ease-of-use and rapid cleaning.

Hall’s Rental Service Seeks Workhorse for Fast-paced Operation

“We are currently in the process of purchasing a Stero flight type dishwashing machine—our third. Stero dishwashers have enabled our company to meet increased productivity demands by running 18 hours per day, six days per week from April through December in the deadline-oriented party rental business.

We have found Stero to be the ‘workhorse’ we had searched for when we purchased our first machine in 1999. That machine is still running as well today as it had when it was first installed. When service is required, it is prompt and professional with very little down time. I can say that Stero has met and exceeded our expectations and would highly recommend these machines to anyone considering replacing or adding to their warewashing operation.” -Hall’s Rental Service, Niles, Illinois


restaurant800x600Restaurant managers rely on rugged Stero dishwashers to supply the sparkling dishware their customers expect. With a winning combination of performance and reliability, Stero brings out the shine, time after time! For all your restaurant’s requirements, we have the answer. From conveyor machines to glasswashers, utensil washers to tray cleaners, we’re experts at determining your warewashing needs.

Schreiner’s Restaurant

Schreiner’s Restaurant of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin serves over 500,000 meals per year and its clean up demands are more than met with Stero equipment.

“Our Stero dishmachine has delivered quality performance and it’s still going strong! We selected Stero for the solid construction and sensible engineering.” – Paul Cunningham, Owner, Schreiner’s Restaurant

Hospitality & Lodging

Hospitality-Lodging800x600As business and leisure travel continues to stabilize from the most recent recession conditions, hospitality and lodging facilities have risen to the occasion, delivering new and exceptional customer experiences in an increasingly competitive space.

Hospitality and Lodging facilities are challenged with maintaining high standards and meeting ongoing demands. Dishwashing concerns shouldn’t be included in those challenges, and with Stero warewashing equipment, they won’t be! Our line of heavy-duty warewashers is designed with economy and lasting quality in mind. Whether the setting is a hotel, convention center, or casino—Stero has custom solutions to deliver the maximum cleaning power your operation demands. Let Stero concentrate on your dirty dishes so you have more time to care for what matters most—your guests.

“The highest turnover on property is in the dishroom, so it’s critical that the warewasher is easy to operate and maintain, with minimal training.”   -Mark Smith, Executive Steward, Silverton Casino and Hotel

Correctional Facilities

Prisons have unique warewasher requirements, and Stero understands the specific concerns of this environment. With several decades of experience working with correctional facilities, we have the solutions to lock-up significant savings for your operation.

Stero’s customized, large capacity warewashers offer peace of mind and years of reliable service while addressing the vital need for security.

Available features include:

  • Remote control panel location capability
  • Panels provided with welded and lockable stainless steel hasps to restrict access
  • Control switches made tamperproof with an access limited shield
  • All conveyor rods welded, rendering them tamperproof
  • Temperature gauges enclosed behind stainless steel wire mesh
  • Hinged, stainless steel curtain rods
  • All stainless steel enclosure panels secured with security screws
  • Non-removable, welded stainless steel machine door handles with insulated gripping bar
  • Welded, stainless steel perforated under carriage to prevent access from the bottom of the machine

All regularly optional equipment is available to any prison package, and other items and alterations can be specified to suit custom or special installations. Contact your Stero sales representative today to learn more.


healthcare800x600When sanitization and dependability are of paramount importance, the Healthcare foodservice industry turns to trusted, Stero-branded commercial dishwashing solutions. Providing patients with nutritious food served on spotless dishes is a critical aspect of recovery. Cafeterias that utilize Stero equipment can be confident that all their meals have been placed on ware cleansed using the highest standards of sanitization. When it comes to ease of operation and energy savings, Stero warewashers are just what the doctor ordered.

MetroHealth System

MetroHealth System, one of the largest healthcare providers in the Greater Cleveland area, has been serving the region for over 170 years. With 2100 patient meals served per day, MetroHealth has relied on Stero warewashers to meet their heavy cleaning demands.

“We went with a Stero warewasher because of their reputation for building quality and durable dish machines that can withstand high volume usage. Additionally, we like the stainless steel rack conveyor system. Sanitizing 9,000 dishes every day is a challenge easily met by Stero’s efficient equipment.” – Todd Foutty, Director of Food Operations, MetroHealth System

Condell Medical Center

Condell Medical Center, the community hospital of Libertyville, Illinois, relies on Stero equipment for its warewashing needs. The facility serves 1500 meals per day and requires the efficient cleaning power which Stero provides.

“We chose Stero for the great representation from the local broker, ease of maintenance, door switch buttons around the machine and top-of-the unit control panel. For 15 years we have used the same Stero dishwasher to clean dishes, silverware, insulated plastic ware and pots and pans. It’s a durable, dependable product.” – Ken Johnston, CFE, Condell Medical Center

Schools & Universities

schools800x600Academic settings require foodservice equipment that delivers high-volume efficiency with exceptional durability. Stero solves the problem and passes the test with every cleaning cycle. We have provided schools, colleges and universities with sturdy, reliable machines to serve students, faculty and staff year after year.

Pacific Lutheran University Sees Consistent Results

Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) is a bustling liberal arts college located seven miles south of Tacoma, Washington. PLU’s 3,600 students study in a wide variety of majors and graduate programs, but they share the need for nutritious, sanitary and efficient food service. Lucky for them the aptly named “Commons” dining facility delivers with an amazing mélange of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To keep the tables turning, PLU turned to Stero.

“We purchased a new Stero flight machine a year ago to replace the Stero we had in service for over 20 years. It’s a great product—the dishes are spotless and it has no problem at all keeping up, even at our peak meal times. The built-in productivity, efficiency and durability make Stero flight machines the best option for campus foodservice needs— that’s why PLU has stuck with Stero for nearly three decades. As for their newest model, the reviews are in…it does the job, and then some.” –Jeff Smith, Operations Manager for Dining Services, Pacific Lutheran University


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