Case Study

Mind, Body & Spirits


Somat DeHydrator System helps eco-friendly restaurant reduce trash 80% to 90% and achieve LEED Certification


Established in October 2008, Mind, Body & Spirits in Rochester, Michigan is the first fully sustainable, certified organic restaurant in America. The healthiness of the food served in the eco-friendly restaurant is equaled only by the responsibility and commitment to the environment shared by owner Mike Plesz and his 30 employees.


A showcase for green technology in virtually every aspect of its construction and operation, the restaurant serves up more than just delicious, natural and organic food. It also serves as a hub for the community to help spread eco-awareness and the use of local organic products. Extensive recycling, along with advanced waste reduction technology is used to achieve a net-zero footprint.






The Waste Reduction Challenge


mbs2The restaurant wanted to achieve a net-zero eco-footprint through the use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly practices throughout the operation.


Unlike most restaurants that produce tons of trash each year, Mind, Body & Spirits practices recycling extensively and wanted to enhance its eco-friendly approach with advanced waste-reduction technology that would keep its trash from becoming a problem for the community and the environment.




The Somat Solution




The restaurant purchased a Somat DeHydrator System. This unit rapidly dehydrates food waste along with compostable disposables, producing a humus-rich soil amendment without the use of enzymes, fresh water or venting and with no other byproducts, resulting in zero sewer and landfill impact. Fully automatic and easy to operate using one-touch controls, the DeHydrator features an integrated revolutionary odor management system and high-efficiency heat-recovery system. It can be fed any type of food waste and yields as much as a 9-to-1 (93 percent) volume reduction.








The Results/Environmental Impact


  • The Somat DeHydrator System reduced volume and weight of compostable trash by 80 to 90 percent recycling it into a high-quality organic soil amendment in less than 24 hours.
  • In addition to using the humus-rich soil amendment in its solar greenhouse, the restaurant gives the soil amendment to local golf courses and provides it to food suppliers to add to their finished-compost piles. Members of the restaurant’s wait staff have also asked to take the soil amendment home for their gardens.
  • Significantly reduced energy, labor and removal costs, as well as tipping and fees associated with waste-removal management.
  • Use of green technologies decreased the restaurant’s carbon footprint, helping the environment by cutting down on greenhouse emissions.

Mind, Body & Spirits has achieved LEED Gold certification and has received multiple awards for environmental leadership.



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