Hauling Cost Reduction

The Waste Challenge


waste-reductionWaste and associated hauling costs are a huge issue for any organization seeking to save money and keep budgets in check. Cost reductions, however, while a key goal, aren’t the only issue you face.

Even without the hauling costs, waste can have a negative impact on your whole operation.

  • garbageUnsanitary Food WasteOrganic and inorganic waste accumulates and has to be stored and managed until it can be hauled somewhere.
  • There are issues with employees whose paid time making routine trips to the dumpster may be better spent with more productive work, these trips may also provide opportunities for distractions and prolonged breaks.
  • Unfortunately, back and forth walks to the dumpster can also become a security concern, facilitating the theft of your organization’s property as it “goes out with the trash.”
  • Food waste provides breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and is attractive to vermin.
  • In areas where garbage disposers are not allowed, organic wastes must be stored until they can be hauled away. This creates runoff, smells and generally unsanitary conditions. Or, valuable refrigeration or freezer space has to be used to store organic waste.

Somat Solutions


We can help reduce the volume of waste and transform it into a material that can more easily be stored for hauling. Somat’s Pulpers and Somat DeHydrator Systems can reduce waste volume 8:1 (87.5%) and Shredders can reduce waste volume by 9 to 1 (93%).


Pulpers take food service waste and mix it with water to create a pulpable slurry that is approximately 95% liquid and 5% solids. The slurry can then be transported to a dehydrator, which removes most of the water and discharges the semi-dry pulp into a container for disposal. The extracted water can be re-used in the pulping process. Shredders grind and shred waste, drain it of excess water and compact it to create an ideal mixture for composting.


The cost savings realized can in many cases offset the cost of equipment—to learn more visit Somat’s ROI Calculator.


Learn more about how Somat’s Pulpers and DeHydrator System can help your operation minimize waste and hauling costs.

Why is Somat the company to solve your Hauling Cost Reduction challenges?


  • Reduces waste volume by 8 to 1 (87.5%).
  • Able to pump waste slurry a few feet to several hundred yards and to different floor levels.
  • Processes a wide variety waste types including compostable waste such as food, compostable disposables, cardboard and certain paper types, as well as non-compostable waste including plastics, milk cartons, polystyrene disposables and aluminum foil.
  • Capacity of processing up to 1250 pounds of waste per hour.
  • Available in several sizes and configurations including under dish table and tray feed models.
  • Offers water savings by efficiently reusing extracted water.
  • Available with The Grabber system to remove flatware and other ferrous metals from the pulping process.
Organic restaurant reduced waste by 80 to 90% and achieved LEED Gold


Achieving LEED Gold certification can be a daunting task, but with a little help from Somat’s DeHydrator System, this certified organic restaurant was able to reach their goal. The restaurant practices extensive recycling and other eco-friendly approaches to waste management including advanced waste reduction technology from Somat.



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Somat can provide the right solution for your waste management challenges.